Friday, November 11, 2011

Common side effects may also include...

“Tired” will lose meaning and you 
will no longer know how to answer a 
simple “How are you?”

You may wake up and experience a
sudden hunger for silence,
noise, or distant places.

Things may take on their true size.
You will temporarily forget what matters.
You will revisit an old faith or invent a new one.

There is a kind of dementia that temporarily
spreads to your loved ones. We hear voices
in our heads that aren’t always kind.

You told me you hear them, too.

Streetlights may spontaneously dim
or light up when you pass.

The deconstruction of your marriage,
the reconstruction of your love,

the unbearable kindness of strangers,
but inevitably, also, the
unbearable strangeness of kindness.

--c. 2011, Martin A. Bartels (working draft)

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