Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Job Description

(experimental: A found poem, adapted from AltaVista Babel Fish translation of a German language job posting)

The consistent experience of
creation and technology is our daily
requirement. We create applications,
which knows today still nobody –
not times we ourselves.
Therefore we live pioneer culture.

Do they go along?

The conception stands at the
beginning of each project.
Here the project ideas in close teeth
with the Design and the consultation,
which are then taken up and developed
in the specialist areas, develop.

Conception is the development and
formulation of a communicable guidance idea,
the definition of the measures and applications
that can be seized, as well as their
switching, opposite the customer.
Clear marketing adjustment first experience

in the rough and fine conception on
relevant customer projects,
above average interest in communication,
ability to the precision in expression and in the
ability, switching of ideas, minted abstraction,
very good general knowledge and social authority.

--Martin A. Bartels, July 2011

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  1. Just popped over here from twitter and enjoyed browsing through your poems - quality stuff!

    I love found poetry - you might be interested in (I just had a poem accepted for the first issue.)

    This is probably a real job description somewhere!